Ask Us About Sex After 50!


This presentation will draw on my PhD findings, and be lots of fun. Hope you can come!


I’m excited about the gig Joan Price and I are doing at Hares and Hyenas next Monday 14 September 7-9pm. We will be discussing our favourite subject with each other, then opening up to questions. It’s a chance for people who are 50, or plan to be, or work with older adults to get an insight into the possibilities about sex and relationships as we age. It certainly is fun, and does not have to follow any earlier life patterns if you don’t want it to.

Joan has heaps of tips for enjoying your body around some of the limitations of ageing, and how to discuss sexuality with your health providers. If you are a health provider, then this will useful for you with your clients/patients.

Tickets: try 25/20 or 30 at the door.

If you miss this or are in Central Victoria we will do it again at…

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About fwbresearch

This site is to inform people about an Australian study exploring the experiences of rural baby boomers in friends with benefits relationships. The research team consists of Linda Kirkman, a PhD candidate in Health Science at La Trobe University's Rural Health School, and supervisors Dr Virginia Dickson-Swift and Dr Christopher Fox. Posts include presentations about the research, publications, and reflections on sexual health promotion.

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