Seeking words of wisdom from the wise: meeting sex educators.



I managed two meetings with significant sex educator, sex-positive people, Joan Price and Joani Blank.

Lunch with Joan Price

Kevin drove me north to meet Joan Price, guru of senior sex, author, presenter, former English teacher, line dance instructor and generally lovely and fun person. We got on like a house on fire and it was great to discuss all things sex geeky. Joan is a retired English teacher with a new career as a writer, sex educator, and advocate for a healthy, sex-positive approach to ageing sexuality (she calls it ‘ageless’ sexuality, which makes sense as the principles of being respectful to your partner/s willing to learn, open to new things, willing to adapt to circumstances apply to all ages and taking a safe sex approach). She has been travelling all over the USA giving talks in sex shops and at conferences – and this year won the Catalyst…

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About fwbresearch

This site is to inform people about an Australian study exploring the experiences of rural baby boomers in friends with benefits relationships. The research team consists of Linda Kirkman, a PhD candidate in Health Science at La Trobe University's Rural Health School, and supervisors Dr Virginia Dickson-Swift and Dr Christopher Fox. Posts include presentations about the research, publications, and reflections on sexual health promotion.

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