Aging and Society Conference Manchester



Manchester 9 November 2014

The Aging and Society conference is over. The room was packed for the session with my presentation and I had lots of positive feedback. I asked Liam Leonard for critical feedback too; he suggested a few more slides with summary data to anchor some points better. I have tried to present without notes, unlike my earlier style of reading/not reading with a careful script, and maybe have strayed too far the other direction. He was positive overall, which was encouraging. Abe2 The Lego characters depicting relationships were a hit. This slide representa a man who identifies as polyamorous and a swinger, has always had female lon-term partners and in the last 10 years has practiced non-penetrative penis play with other men at swinger events.

Being a Graduate Scholar (scholarship which covered fees and obligated me to chair sessions) gave me a community to connect with which was…

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About fwbresearch

This site is to inform people about an Australian study exploring the experiences of rural baby boomers in friends with benefits relationships. The research team consists of Linda Kirkman, a PhD candidate in Health Science at La Trobe University's Rural Health School, and supervisors Dr Virginia Dickson-Swift and Dr Christopher Fox. Posts include presentations about the research, publications, and reflections on sexual health promotion.

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