Rural sexual health conference – including a unicorn


Having a conference dedicated to rural sexual health was an opportunity not to be missed, even thouImagegh I’d said no more conferences this year. It was in Shepparton, not too far away, but not as exotic a location as Thailand where some of my colleagues are going next week. It was cool to see some of my #sexgeek tribe there; Bonnie, Anna, Kat, Kim, and Alaina . There were some interesting presentations and I learnt some new things, primarily that the main researcher in chlamydia thinks that screening as it is practised is not the right thing to do from a health or economic point of view. That was intriguing to me. The key point is to test for STIs before starting a new sexual relationship, irrespective of age or sexuality. My presentation on rural baby boomers’ experience of accessing health services for sexual health needs is here. It has pictures of a sad puppy and a unicorn. The unicorn symbolises my dream of good sexual health for all – is it a fantasy? I hope not.

About fwbresearch

This site is to inform people about an Australian study exploring the experiences of rural baby boomers in friends with benefits relationships. The research team consists of Linda Kirkman, a PhD candidate in Health Science at La Trobe University's Rural Health School, and supervisors Dr Virginia Dickson-Swift and Dr Christopher Fox. Posts include presentations about the research, publications, and reflections on sexual health promotion.

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