Why baby boomer sexual health matters



At the Australasian Sexual Health Conference last year I presented a poster about why baby boomer sexual health matters. The link above takes you to a PDF of the poster. I had some interesting conversations with people who came to look at it. The clinician from Adelaide also attended the ASPOG conference I presented at this month, and told me she had referred to my work at professional presentations she’d given, with attribution. It was exciting to hear this.  This is my diary entry from then:

4 October 2011

The conference last week was an excellent experience. I was proud of my poster, and the 30 handouts all were taken, plus I printed another ten on the last day which were taken also. I met people I had cited, and spoke to many people (clinicians) who affirmed that my research is important and timely. Deborah Bateson was very interested, and said she hadn’t had my email forwarded. They have lots of qualitative data from the surveys but no money to have it analysed. Another clinician from Adelaide (who encouraged me very strongly to visit and present; must organise cards/contacts) said she was seeing baby boomer women who visited her STI clinic rather than their usual GP for tests because of the embarrassment/shame. They say things like ‘it should be my daughter here, not me’.

I learned heaps about chlamydia and BV, especially the urgency around getting treatment for chlamydia. The images of healthy and post infection fallopian tubes were very powerful. The NZ woman who presented on stigma and HIV was fabulous, and I’ve used her resources in class already. www.positivewomen.org.nz I also got excited about microbiology, probably because of the excellent presenter. Very interesting research being done.

It was also good to hang out with Irene, who looked after me very well.

To cite the poster in APA style I suggest:

Kirkman, L. (2011, 28-30 September). Why we should care about baby boomer sexuality. Paper presented at the 2011 Australasian Sexual Health Conference, National Convention Centre, Canberra ACT.retrieved from http://latrobe.academia.edu/LindaKirkman/Papers/1011516/Baby_Boomer_Sexuality

About fwbresearch

This site is to inform people about an Australian study exploring the experiences of rural baby boomers in friends with benefits relationships. The research team consists of Linda Kirkman, a PhD candidate in Health Science at La Trobe University's Rural Health School, and supervisors Dr Virginia Dickson-Swift and Dr Christopher Fox. Posts include presentations about the research, publications, and reflections on sexual health promotion.

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